Journeys Interactive Series

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Star in a story and make important decisions


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Journeys Interactive Series is a visual novel in which you can choose from various stories and settings and become the star of the story! And there are a few different genres to choose from, including romance, mystery or young adult, with seven different stories in all. To embark on the adventure, simply choose the saga that interests you most from the game’s main menu. How the story ends depends on the decisions you make!

No matter what story you choose, the first episode is free. During the first episode, you’ll meet the protagonist, choose a name, customize her appearance, and meet some other characters: your sister, boyfriend, mom, friends, etc. Journeys Interactive series has super simple gameplay: just choose what to do at key moments in the story... and accept the consequences!

Overall, Journeys Interactive Series is a very entertaining game with loads of stories with different endings, well-designed graphics, and a great narrative style.

Android version required varies depending on device